The perfect solution

Off-the-shelf gulf cars never satisfy every requirement
that is why we have made it our mission to do just that with our customized approach.

Yellow cart on golf course

Golf cart sale nearby

We have a sale of electric golf carts with different unique designs and offer a wide range of golf cars ready to be customized as per individual requirement. The options are unlimited as we are open to new ideas.

Blue golf cart on road

Sell or Trade In

We are interested in new projects, if you have a used golf cart you would like to sell we are the right choice, as we offer quick evaluations and a good price. Furthermore if you are interested in aquiring a new luxury ride from us, we offer trade in's.

Golf Cart Customisation

We have a vast experience at overhauling golf carts
and even complete makeovers. You imagine, we make it a reality!

  • Custom Golf Cars

    We optimize Gulf carts for use on the golf course, the road and even in your backyard.

  • Work on the body

    What does your ideal golf car look like? We can transform the entire electric vehicle into that desired look.

Gold painted golf cart
  • Cart Accessories

    From speaker systems to LED floor lights we offer a wide range of addons.

  • Golf cart paint

    Premium colors are what really sets golf carts apart and completely changes its appearance.

A golf cart needs maintenance?

We offer repair services, including golf cart spare parts such as batteries, tyres and light bulbs.
Furthermore we have service packages to maintain your cart for you.