Custom Golf Carts

Golf cart with blue underlight

Customisation for a unique feel and look

Your golf cart should reflect you and your lifestyle. By selecting our customisation service, you can elevate your golf cart from average to premium. Working closely with our clients allows us to transform mere ideas into reality. We will assure that your golf cart is not only functioning at its best, but also looks outstanding as well.

Golf cart accessories

Our Company offers a wide bandwith of cool accessories to add onto a golf cart. Our expertise ranges from the latest LED floor lighting and golf car adjusted Surround Sound Systems to trailer hitches matching different attachments.

Fresh golf cart color

A golf cart should have it's paint job redone every couple years as the rough climate causes it to degrade over time. In our painting booth, we do not only restore or recolor golf carts but also fullfill custom requests such as complicated designs (even rare cart colors such as pink or gold) and stickers.

Reshape a golf cart

We are capable of delivering a complete remake of a golf cart's body. That means we can do anything from simple denting work or new seat covers, but also that the entire golf buggy can be lifted further above the ground and the wheels & tires replaced to fit the design. We are specialised in dealing with fancy golf carts and guarantee to return a pimped out car!