Golf Cart Parts & Service

Golf cart in a residential area at night

Golf Carts need regular maintenance

Even though a golf cart is an electric vehicle, just like a gasoline car it requires regular service in order to keep it in good condition.

Quality Spare Parts

Parts can wear out or damage over time, if they are in an unrepairable condition, we will try to find the best replacement available from our worldwide chain of suppliers.

Our Golf Car Service

For our customers we have an exclusive service, which consists of us taking care of all work related to a golf cart from A to Z. We consider our client's time to be essential and aim to reduce their time spent on maintaining the vehicle to a minimum.

Restoration of Golf Carts

Just like cars, golf carts can be of great sentimental value or even be part of a collection. Therefore CustomCarts takes great pride in restoring older models to a pristine condition. What's old CAN be new again!

Golf cart repairs

Our mechanics are working around the clock to fix golf carts that are not working correctly or are in need of maintenance services. Broken parts like an old battery / battery charger, wheel or tire can be replaced quickly while with more complicated damages like the electric motor or controller we will aim to reduce the repair time to a minimum.