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The latest electric golf cars from the top brands for sale.

Low Speed Electric Vehicles (LSEV)

We provide a wide range of products from e-scooters & e-bikes to golf cars and other types of EV's that are ideal for resorts, housing estates, hotels and agricultural lands. Specific to your request, we are also able to customize the vehicles to suit your operations and lifestyle.

Our Partners

  • Club Car
  • Garia
  • Yamaha Golfcarts
  • Marshell

Our own Brand of Golf Cars

CustomCarts EV - We started to offer our own custom golf cars when we noticed that the established suppliers lacked in customizability. At CustomCarts we pride ourselves in the adjustability of our product, therefore we are announcing the launch of our own line.

The different base models

2 Seater - PX2 Sport

Our 2-seater golf cart is suitable for navigating golf courses or small properties. With max speeds up to 32km/h, this golf cart is ideal for getting from point A to Point B in a flash.

6 Seater - PX4+2 Sport

The Sport 4+2 golf car is a luxury vehicle suitable for transporting passengers. This model also comes in a larger edition with seating up to eight.

2 Seater Utility - PX CTR

Our cargo and utility golf carts can be customized according to your requirements. From tools and equipment to catering boxes, our golf carts can fulfill your transport needs.

Golf Car Accessories & Customization

The accessories on Customcarts EV golf cars are elite and dependable. Rest assured that your golf cart will reflect quality in the details. We offer total customization of our golf carts including but not limited to: color, accessory additions as well as optional safety features like seatbelts and handle bars.

Illustration of old golf cart exchanged for new one