Frequently asked questions

In order to further improve our service we have decided to address questions asked regularly about golf carts.


1) Is it safe to leave the batteries on charge for more than a day?

Yes. If your golf cart is equipped with an automatic charger, it will stop charging when the batteries have reached full charge.

2) How long does a full charge run?

Batteries fully charged could last anywhere between 90-100mins of continuous discharge

3) What to consider before buying a used golf cart?

Battery life, tyre wear and the overall condition of the motor and speed controller are the main components to check prior to investing in one.

4) Can I use a regular car battery for my golf cart?

No. The lead plates in a conventional car battery are designed to start the engine of a car and not prolonged discharge. Golf carts use deep cycle battery technology which is designed to give low amperes over an extended period of time.

5) Will there be a warranty for spare parts?

Yes, certain spare parts will come with a limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

6) How much does a brand-new golf cart cost?

A brand-new golf cart can range anywhere between USD 10,000 to 20,000.

7) Is a gas-powered golf cart better than an electric one?

Low Speed Electric Vehicles (LSEV) are more environmentally friendly and efficient compared to Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) and over the long term LSEV have little to no maintenance costs.

8) Can I make my golf cart drive faster?

Not without replacing parts. It is unsafe to increase the speed of the golf cart as it will cause damage to the motor. The price for a new motor and other parts of the golf cart to increase the speed, is usually more expensive than buying another, faster buggy.

9) Is your company near me?

Our main office is located in the Kingdom of Bahrain, here we have our workshops and the golf carts currently for sale. For purchases and to maintain or repair a golf car, we will usually come to the client. In our experience this process speeds up the service and reduces effort for customers.