About CustomCarts

CustomCarts is a subsidiary of Zoma Trading that was founded over a decade ago focusing on energising the future.
We strive to offer products and services in the renewable energy industry, especially electric mobility with a focus on golf carts.

Looking for a golf cart on sale near you?

We are based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, but our business extends to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Oman. Therefore we are able to service the entirety of the Middle East Region.

Golf Cart in a luxury resort

Customized Golf Carts

At CustomCarts, we prioritise our customers and value their interests and needs. We are committed to building lasting relationships and deliver unique, quality service. Whether it is buying a golf cart or replacing a spare part, you may rest assured of CustomCart’s top services and affordable prices. With our experience and resources, we can handle all your golf buggy requirements – putting you at the wheel, while we take care of the rest.

By meeting the specific requirements of every exclusive customer, we can turn your vision into a reality with our personalised products and services. With quality parts shipped in from around the globe, we can assure that you receive a novel product.

Moreover we can also provide a street legal golf carts to you!

Golf Cart Service

For pre-owned golf carts, we follow a check-up procedure of parts such as: batteries, electrical wires, tyres, seats and body. Before a golf car becomes available to a new customer, we make the necessary repairs and/or modifications. We pay attention to detail and take a genuine interest in what our customer is searching for while purchasing a golf cart – an exclusive experience, focused on you.