Golf Cart Paint Jobs

Give your cart the fancy appearance you have always wanted. Our team is capable of transforming your vision into reality by rendering designs to the finest detail.

A freshly painted purple golf cart

Service Categories:

  • Paint Restoration

    It is normal that a cart loses its glamour over the years. However, with our professional and artistic team, the paint can be restored giving it a fresh appearance.

  • Custom Paint Job

    Factory colors are limited, but with us you can select any color from the spectrum! Paints vary from appearance and finish. Apart from matte and metallic finishes, we also specialise in pearlescent paint which shines brighter and adds depth to the color making it the best option for colour shifting.

    We accept any request, no challenge is impossible for us. Even turning a golf cart pink or gold is absolutely doable.

  • Decals and Vinyl

    A golf cart with flame stickers

    You can now match the sticker on your smartphone with your golf cart. Whether it is traditional, tribal or your favourite superhero, we can creatively stick them on the body to add more character to the cart and make it look cooler.